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Annual membership dues for individuals is $ 150 and $ 75 for students.
Our Interns receive a free membership for a year.

Our Annual Membership dues are based on the number of employees, as follows:

   1  -  10    employees    $    150
  11 -  50    employees    $    225
  51 -  70    employees    $    350
  71 - 100   employees    $    700
101 +        employees    $ 2,000  - or consider becoming a Sponsor (contact us for further details)


VISION is the Hispanic-American Chamber of Commerce's semi annual publication dedicated to serve our members and sponsors with current information regarding business activities and news. The goal of the chamber's VISION is to keep our members up-to-date on the latest chamber issues, events, member benefits and news. These are also available online for reference and also downloadable in .PDF format.

The web site of the HACC ( has been redesigned and now includes social media support providing a more dynamic and flexible interface that enables us to deliver up-to-date information about events, news, links to other resources.

The HACC holds a series of regular events in conjunction with our major Sponsors.  They include the following:

Business Forums - The HACC in partnership with Resource Partners, holds a forum every year, typically in January. The forum includes several workshops and a Keynote Speaker. 

Jumpstart Your Business: "Helping Latino-Owned Business grow to the next level" - In partnership with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts the Chamber host and sponsor this annual event which includes a panel of prominent business leaders in the Health Care field and Small Business subject matter expert(s).The purpose of this forum is to provide  focal discussion on current topics and/or issues, current information updates and an opportunity to network with other members and leaders.

Business Morning/Business After Hours – In partnership with the Chamber’s Corporate/Resource Partners the Chamber host and co-sponsors regular networking events. The purpose of these events is to provide business leaders, corporations and foundations to share an evening or a morning meeting to provide information and networking opportunities.

Special Events - These are special meetings held by HACC in conjunction with Sponsors, with a particular focus.

Currently the chamber is working on making arrangements with an insurance carrier to be able to offer different types of insurance at a discounted rate as a member of the HACC.

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