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Hello Friends and Guests

What a true gift it was to celebrate the Chamber’s 20th year anniversary with our members during this year’s Annual meeting at Fisher College on April 12th 2012. Just as special was the opportunity to have one of our Founders Alberto Calvo as a guest speaker.
While the event was a festive one there was work accomplished. Richard Strauss and Emilio Valdez were elected by the membership as the two newest additions to the Board of Directors. While everyone had a chance to network the 2012 Board of Directors convened to elect their new officers.
It is my pleasure to inform you that Jesús Rosa, was unanimously voted as the new Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Hispanic-American Chamber of Commerce. He begins his four year term succeeding Ariel E. Schmidt, owner of Schmidt Printing. The chamber acknowledged Ariel efforts.
The new Chairman Jesús Rosa is a 1989 graduate of Boston College with a degree in Economics. He has experience working with non-profit and for profit businesses, in the public and private sector and as an entrepreneur. He is a licensed Massachusetts Real Estate Broker and is currently employed by UPS as an Enterprise Accounts Account Executive. He is married to Tracy. They are the proud parents of two boys.
As the new Chairman he is looking forward to leveraging the Chamber’s business and civic leadership in the region. According to Jesús “We plan to strategically collaborate with other chambers of commerce that share in our mission. We will increase the Chamber’s presence in the community. We will effectively communicate the value the Chamber offers to both our members and sponsors.” He went on to say “The 2012 Board represents talented and respected leaders that are motivated to turn any challenge into a business opportunity for our members. As the new Chairman I am fortunate to be a part of a Board that shares in a vision of diversity, organization and outreach.”
We are all very excited and look forward to working with Jesús and the entire 2012 Board in fulfilling the Chamber’s mission.
Nader Acevedo. President

El Jolgorio Navideño - The Latino Christmas Holiday event goes "hip"

The tradicional Boricuan (Puerto Rican's) Christmas holiday event will take place this year on December 10th, from 7:00PM to 1:00 AM at the Boston Convection and Exhibition Center located at 415 Summer Street, Boston. For over 22 years, this event is brings together members across all areas of the Latino community, to celebrate this special season, have fun, music, dance and food, while raising funds to support many important causes and the arts. Learn more details about this important event including the specifics for this year's plans and where to get tickets.

PLEASE, follow the link to (El Mundo's article): Click here: El Jolgorio Goes “Hip”

VIVA 1570 AM WNSH interviews Sylvia Ruiz, HACC Board Member

Listen to VIVA 1570 AM WNSH's  (Huray in the morning) "Viva la Mañana con Carmen Aguirre" today's interview to  Sylvia Ruiz from the Boston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce . Sylvia was interviewed at 9:15 AM and shared information about the HACC mission and gave some information about "E A KAPLAN", the health care insurance specialists where she works. They also welcome the HACC, organization that as of today joins the famiily of "VIVA 1570 AM". Select the link to listem:

Carmen Aguirre via VIVA 1570am

A las 9:35 escucha a Sylvia Ruiz de Camara de Comercio Hispano Americana de Boston - Boston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (HACC). Ella nos dara informacion especifica de la mision de esta organizacion e igualmente compartira datos acerca de "E A KAPLAN", el grupo de especialistas en SEGUROS DE SALUD para quien ella trabaja. Por Viva la Mañana con Carmen Aguirre.

Carmen Aguirre
 via VIVA 1570am

Le Damos la bienvenida al Boston Hispanic American Chamber of Commerce, organizacion que se une a partir de hoy a la Familia de Viva 1570. Te invito para que escuches a las 9:35 la entrevista con Silvia Ruiz, quien nos dara informacion especifica de la mision de esta organizacion.


Alba Alvarez-Cote to receive another Leadership Award, this time from ALPFA

Once again, Alba Alvarez-Cote is recognized for her leadership, insaciable work and dedication to our comunity.
This time, ALPFA (Association of Latino professionals in Accounting and Finance) has designated Albie to be the recipient of the 2011 Excellence in Service to the Community Award awarded .

This award recognizes an individual who demonstrates exceptional dedication and commitment to serving the community. Her programs and initiatives are responsive to the community’s needs, your efforts and success creating a true partnership with the community and business partners, have earned her the praise of one of the nation’s leading professional association dedicated to building Latino leaders.

The Board of Directors of the HACC extends their congratulations to Albie, our Vice Chairman. Albie is also Business Development Director of the Foundation for Financial Education (www.F3Eonline.org).
The Excellence in Service to the Community Award will be presented at our 9th Annual Executive Leadership Summit being held on November 17, 2011, from 6:00-10:00 p.m., at the Westin Copley Place in Boston. The Executive Leadership Summit is ALPFA Boston’s signature event with over 500 guests expected.  The theme for this year’s Summit is “Advancing Latino Leadership within Corporate and Community,” and will focus on the opportunities and challenges presented by the current census data on the Latino community.  The Summit will include a Career Fair, a VIP Reception (invitation to follow), and a General Session with prominent keynote speakers and the awards presentation.  In addition, there will be four concurrent themed tracks that will focus on how as leaders, we can impact the areas of education, business and political leadership, healthcare access and media influence.  The Summit will end with a networking reception. Attendees will include professionals from a broad range of industries, as well as prominent business, education, media, healthcare and civic leaders and elected officials.

For additional information, follow this link: http://www.alpfaboston.org/executive-leadership-summit-save-the-date-111711/

Also, prior to this event that day at 2:00 PM, ALPFA and its sponsors are also holding a Career Fair. To register and get more details, follow this link: http://www.acteva.com/booking.cfm?bevaid=223903

To register for the Executive Summit:  http://www.acteva.com/booking.cfm?bevaid=223978


AlPFA Advance Latino Leadership.jpg138.63 KB

Jumpstart Your Business with BCBS event: pictures and coverage

Review the article published by El Mundo (week of October 27), including pictures. Download the PDF copy by selecting the link below:

BCBS.Article.10.18.11.pdf2.06 MB

Alba Albarez-Cote to receive another Leadership Award this time from ALPFA

While Alba Alvarez-Cote (a.k.a. Albie) was receiving her Exceptional Leaders Award from the Harvard Street Neighborhood Health Center on October 21st, the Boston Chapter of the Association of Latino Professionals in Finance and Accounting (ALPFA) announced that Albie was also chosen to receive an Excellence in Leadership Award from them, which will be presented to her during ALPFA‘s 9th Annual Executive Summit, on November 17th. Congratulations to you again, from your colleagues at the HACC Board.
For details, follow the link: http://www.alpfaboston.org/executive-leadership-summit-save-the-date-111711/

Also, prior to this event that day at 2:00 PM, ALPFA and its sponsors are also holding a Career Fair. To register and get more details, follow this link:  http://www.acteva.com/booking.cfm?bevaid=223903

6 Small Biz Social Media Articles & Great Examples

Preparing for my "Putting Social Media to Work for Your Small Business" presentation last night (described and available for viewing here), I came across some great articles and examples on the subject--with help from social media friends of course!  Here are the articles I referenced, with links; I'd welcome suggestions for others to add:

Small Businesses Benefit from Social Media, Study Reveals From Social Media Examiner

5 Quick Ways to Liven Up Your Twitter Stream Mashable.com (with good small biz examples)

30 Social Media Case Studies Penn-Olson.com

How Social Media Grew Foiled Cupcakes Sales by 90% BizSugar.com

Businesses Liking Their Chances with Facebook Scott Kirsner article on Boston.com

How Social Media Drives New Business TechCrunch.com (with 6 examples)

I also compiled suggestions of good small business use of Twitter here on this new list http://twitter.com/socialcap/smallbiz. Can you think of anyone I should add?  Below are some of the Facebook business pages I cited as examples in the presentation--with an emphasis on Boston area examples.


El Mundo Boston




Diaper Lab


Frog and Toad


Compare Supermarket

6th Annual Jumpstart Your Business!

sponsored by Blue Cross Blue Shield

Helping Latino-Owned Business Grow to the Next Level
Blue Cross Blue Shield hosted its 6th Annual HACC Jumpstart Your Business on Friday October 23rd at the Landmark Center. It began with a series of Business Forums. Jim Cote, President of Cote, Pulitzer, and Alvarez, Inc hosted Jobs in a Rebounding Economy; focusing on key strategies for employees and individuals to recruit and market oneself respectively in an uncertain economy. Carol Sanchez, CPA, of Sanchez and Santiago, LLC hosted Taxes and Organization for the Owner-Run Business where she discussed key efficient tax strategies for business owners to implement Mayor Thomas Menino then kicked off the breakfast by saying how an increasing number of Latinos are making contributions in the economy; "We are seeing more bodegas, beauty salons, restaurants... that individuals are making a difference and we are seeing the entrepreneur spirit is thriving." He stressed the importance of small business owners partnering with organizations like HACC and the SBA (Small Business Administration). His seeks as his duty to do anything to help businesses grow and with the help of Rafael Carbonell, Deputy Director of Small Business Development, businesses can obtain loans, grants, and technical assistance. He also introduced Main Street Program which helps improve and strengthen districts where small businesses operate.

This year they have helped open 133 new businesses. But he doesn't think its enough; Latinos make up 17% of the population in Boston and are the fastest growing minority. He stated, "Boston should be more inclusive, diverse, and tolerant, we must do better to promote this."Lastly he ended by saying, that at events such as this one, individuals should take advantage of the opportunity to network with others and share knowledge/resources that could help each other's business prosper.

The SBA award was then given to Janice Guy who began her company P3i, Inc., in 2000 with 4 employees and now has 250 employees. She stressed by partnering with the SBA she was able to take advantage of great opportunities that helped her business grow. This award has recognized minority business contribution since 1983. Janice then said that Small Business lead is out of the recession and are formed around the kitchen table; they are "Energizing the American Economy".

Alberto Vasallo III then kicked of the Healthcare Reform and the Implications for Small Businesses. He introduced the three panelists Jay Curley, Senior Vice President, Chief Government and Public Affairs officer; Larry Croes, Vice President, Commercial Markets; and Juan Lopera, Director of Affordability. Jay spoke about the importance of Massachusetts sustaining Healthcare costs. With The National Healthcare Reform implemented in 2006 employers are required to provide employees with affordable insurance.

Since MA already has taken steps towards this we won't be affected by too much change compared to other states. Juan then spoke on the concern lies of "Clinical Waste." In other words, the overuse, unnecessary tests and procedures, medical errors, and preventative care to name a few that are causing high healthcare costs. He stated that the solution was to change the way businesses pay for care with the use of Alternative Quality Contract, where instead of the business owner paying a fee for services he pays for the quality. Larry then went on to explain that this can be done by setting up "Tiered Network" where it rewards those healthcare services that provide low cost high quality services to businesses which in turn is more of an incentive to go there rather than go to one that is high cost and perhaps low quality services.

In the end as Jay stressed, "the challenge still remains to protect MA and not have it 'take steps back' and make sure that we 'make it a human right' for affordable healthcare."

Citizens Bank: Business After Hours

Citizens Bank hosted the Hispanic American Chamber of Commerce (HACC) for a "Business After Hours," event on Tuesday, September 29, 2009. The event commenced with opening comments from HACC Chairman of the Board Ariel E, Schmidt. Ariel welcomed the membership and thanked the hosts of Citizens Bank for a great event, and then introduced Steve Woods, the President of Citizens Bank of Massachusetts, Steve welcomed the membership and made interesting comments on how receptive Citizens is and will be to HACC members. He noted that the speaker Tom O'Leary would cover topics of interest to the membership and that he was available to assist in business growth.

Jeanne Hulit was introduced as the Regional Administrator of the US Small Business Administration (SBA). Jeanne commented on the welcome she received from the bank and from the HACC and noted that the SBA was committed to helping out through financing options, counseling services, and training.

The next speaker introduced by Jeanne was the keynote speaker of the evening Thomas (Tom) O'Leary, who is the Executive Vice President of Specialized Lending. The topic of Tom's talk was "Access to Credit," a very compelling topic considering the current economic climate. First though, Tom, mostly fluent in Spanish gave a brief on his background which included extensive bank operational experience in Latin America. This experience is from his 22 years of working in the Latin Department of Bank of Boston. Tom has spent the last 7.5 years of his banking career working for Citizens Bank in Boston. He discussed spending and savings trends of consumers and business leaders explaining how the current crisis has affected the way in which people spend and live. He then went on to elaborate how this affects the banks thinking when dealing with requests for credit and in to send money out into the community to promote growth and business success. Tom's riveting talk certainly kept the attention of the membership.

Upon the completion of Tom's talk, Alba Alavarez Cote, Vice Chair of the HACC, lead a question and answer session with all of the speakers present. The evening was informative and fun providing Alba with a lot of work in fielding, sorting, and presenting questions to the speakers.

Food and drinks, catered by HACC member Oriental de Cuba, followed with a very interactive networking session that not surprisingly kept everyone there until at least 30 minutes after the intended ending time of this timely and informative event.

The New Vision Newsletter is Now available!


Newsletter Introduction

Welcome to the winter edition of VISION, the quarterly publication of the Hispanic-American Chamber of Commerce. Each issue includes news, on Hispanic business trends and information on past and upcoming chamber educational programs.

Highlights from: 

  • Jumpstarting Latino Businesses
  • "We can not overlook the important role that minority businesses play in the grand scheme of things," urged Sandy K. Baruah, Acting Director of the US SBA.
  • HACC highlighted at BCBSMA Multicultural Marketing Forum
  • BCBSMA has been working closely to create value for their membership by collaborating with other organizations.
  • HACC 2008 Score Card
  • 2008 was another successful year for the Hispanic American Chamber of Commerce. We were able to bring additional educational programs, support and networking events to our members despite the challenges of our economy.

    We continually strive to improve VISION and, we welcome your comments, suggestions and news submissions. Please send comments and editorial submissions to newsletter@hacc.com.